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Shirley Fennes
12 May 2020 @ 04:36 am
So you want to contact me, with your one good eye?

Player LJ: rinkhals
e-mail: monkeypop at gmail.com (also Gchat)
AIM: failnoah
IRC: SHOULD ANYONE HAPPEN TO USE IT. I will pretty much always be on the lunarnet.org server as Devit.

I play: Just Shirley for now.

Originally this was about all I had here, but then I decided to do the player information meme, stolen from CFUD, because it's super useful. Within you will find information on me as a player, contact, comfort zones, etc. Hopefully it will be useful!

I like to talk, there's #1 for you.Collapse )

7. Final comments: TWO THINGS.

A. This is my first time attempting prose RP! So uh, be gentle? By "be gentle" I don't mean "oh god no don't crit me waaah!" so much as "DON'T EXPECT ME TO BE AWESOME." I think I will ease into it! But I am really inexperienced and there's a good chance I will slip up with . . . prose RP etiquette. Like, am I typing too much, not enough, too much detail, not enough detail, inner thoughts, description, ahhh! I am not much of a writer; I'm okay at it but very rusty. I also prefer commentspam for other reasons. But I wanted to give this a try and do my best, and so I will! Just, if I'm fucking up, LET ME KNOW and I will work on that, because my inexperience let me show you it.

B. I think a lot of us have our attention split between multiple games, right? I am no exception! I play in a second game, and I also mod that game, and I also mod a dressing room, so there is always going to be a chance that I am Doing Something Else. CFUD is big, and if I am running a post in it, there is no way I'm going to also be able to tag in Hometrail until I'm done for the night. XD If this happens, though, like shit is going down and I can't thread because I'm totally spammed in another game, we can work that out with backdating or whatever else needs to be done. Just contact me if you need me and we WILL play. And it will be good. :B

ETA A NEW PERMISSIONS MEME APPEARS. The official Hometrail meme goes under--

THIS CUT!Collapse )
Shirley Fennes
12 May 2018 @ 04:34 am
This here is Shirley's HMD POST!

HMD POLICY STUFF: I am pretty open about crit. I am fine with anon, non-anon, comments, emails, PMs, whatever. If you want to comment, you can do that here; comments are screened and anon is enabled! I'll make sure IP logging is off too. One note: a lot of times I like to discuss crit with the critic, and doing that will unscreen your comment. When you comment, please let me know if this is an issue. If you want your comments to remain screened, I will rescreen them after I reply, and I think we should be able to work around that. If you don't care either way, I'll just leave stuff unscreened, easy peasy.

If you'd rather email me with crit, you can reach me at monkeypop at gmail.com which is also my Gchat! This is the quickest way to get in touch with me. My AIM is failnoah but I forget to log on sometimes.

Aaaand I think that's about it. I try to make myself really available for crit, because hey, I can improve! And I love to blather about my characters, so . . . prepare for that, ha ha.
Shirley Fennes
24 May 2017 @ 06:48 pm
sob sob I need to like make notes of EVERYTHING or else I forget

Shirley's room is N-404 (Delta Tower) with Sumire Takahana (keytoanewworld)

The Caravan layout is here and I wish I weren't so bad at reading maps. ;A;

Activity requirements are here \o/ FOR MY REFERENCE SO I DO NOT FAIL AT . . . MAKING THEM. I am also going to do threadlog stuff to help me keep track soooooo. I will have a tag for that.
Shirley Fennes
24 May 2010 @ 07:05 pm
LET'S DO THIS THING YEAAAAAH! (Until I forget within like, a week.)

* 5/22 | Yosuke Hanamura (voice, incomplete, 5 comments)
* 5/25 | Elmina (voice, complete, 18 comments)
* 5/25 | Dexter Grif (voice, complete, 7 comments)
* 5/25 | Cid Amon (voice, incomplete, ?? comments)
* 5/25 | Walter Delques (private message, incomplete, ?? comments)

* 5/20 | Chrome Dokuro (prose, complete [DROPPED CHARACTER], 4 comments)
* 5/20 | Heiwajima Shizuo (prose, incomplete, 15 comments)
* 5/20 | Walter Delques (prose, incomplete, 11 comments)
* 5/24 | Atem (prose, incomplete, ?? comments)
* 5/25 | Grif et al (prose, incomplete, ?? comments)
Shirley Fennes
18 May 2010 @ 09:19 pm
HAY GUYS Shirley has her eres and stuff again now. I totally KNEW it was a good idea to keep her powers list handy.

Here is the list of Shirley's eres/powers/stats, for my own reference and yours.

Shirley's level is 82
Her HP is 5843
Her TP (MP) is 678

tbh I forget what she has equipped and all, sob, I need to beat the game again. ANGELIC QUILL I know that much. But anyway, Shirley's eres, stolen from GameFAQs.

metametametaCollapse )
Shirley Fennes
12 May 2010 @ 05:24 am
For reference because they took me a long time to find and they're hilarious, a list of Shirley's more relevant/funnier titles and descriptions in the game.

spoilersCollapse )
Shirley Fennes
01 May 2010 @ 04:50 am
The link is here BUT idk if that's going to vanish eventually, so!

applicationCollapse )